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YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On Premium – Free Download



YITH WooCommerce Premium benefits about selling products over regular brands: manufacturers are a warranty because of quality, it ensures product focus in customers’ minds or gives birth to a mindset regarding loyalty or hold as comes from hook up experience.

YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-on allows thou in accordance with circulating a manufacturers law within the store, and instead common option these days, because of anybody form of product: beyond jewels to food, clients understand which manufacturer she trusts then those desires stay keener concerning purchasing such salvo they consult such listed among your catalog


Think respecting the cost that manufacturers be able to assimilate after the shop: your client’s desire is attracted in accordance with your store via ordinary brands and desire stay more prompted in a buy such as those found among such due to the fact it has faith the brands you are selling. All that is feasible with no efforts thanksgiving according to our plugin YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-on.

Feature list :

YITH WooCommerce Premium has the following features:

  • Use taxonomy “Brands”
  • Create a manufacturer yet entrust a logo, a name, and a representation to it
  • Manage brands hierarchically
  • Assign certain or greater manufacturers in accordance with every product
  • Show brands within the product detail page
  • Display archive page for every brand
  • All functions concerning the free version
  • Associate an ensign then a hyperlink according to each brand
  • Choose brand taxonomy amongst plugin penury taxonomy (Brands) then vile production taxonomies accessible (i.e. categories, tags or attributes)
  • Edit manufacturer position within product detail page yet into keep page
  • Choose content material according to show of keep web page (brand name, brand logo, or both)
  • Default brand because manufacturers including no images associated
  • 5 widgets
  • 9 shortcodes
  • Set the manufacturer emblem quantity between the Shop page the Product detail page
  • Compatibility along with Yoast SEO: brand honor perform stay dynamically inserted between the manufacture “title”
  • Add the company odor in conformity with the manufacture URL between a potential way New
  • Compatibility along with WooCommerce Importer/Exporter New
  • Import product-brand connections in conformity with stay associated after associated products new

and much more.


The theme comes with a lot of its own features, making it far more efficient than a typical WordPress theme. A few of these include the management of several vendors, showing earnings reports, as well as handling commissions and payments. Dokan is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin that provides the remainder of the eCommerce capabilities required to run the store.

This WooCommerce Brands plugin comes with all the features and functions to display your brand on every product page effectively. It is possible to add to the Taxonomy “Brands” to any WooCommerce item. Additionally, it is possible to design your own brand names, descriptions as well as a logo.

With regards to brands, you are able to manage them in a hierarchical manner in order to arrange them in accordance with your customer’s preference. Furthermore, you can assign several brands for each item. On the product’s single page you will see the specified brand for each item.

You can also visit the archives of each brand’s page. The languages supported by this plugin include Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and English. It’s an add-on to WooCommerce Brands which means you can use this after you’ve decided to add brands to your page for products.

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YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On Premium - Free Download

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