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Xbox players are fed up with PC cheaters in Halo Infinite.

Crossplay in Halo Infinite, which allows Xbox Series X/S users to play with and against PC gamers, is causing controversy among the game’s fans. Xbox players are becoming increasingly frustrated with having to compete against opponents who use a mouse and keyboard, as well as the numerous cheats that are more common among PC players of the game. halo infinite news

According to The Verge, since the game’s multiplayer launch last November, fans have been airing their grievances, highlighting the cheating of some PC gamers (such as those who use aimbots and wallhacks), as well as the advantages of a mouse and keyboard setup over a controller.

Players have been voicing their dissatisfaction with the game’s developer, 343 Industries, for making crossplay an optional feature rather than a permanent default setting in recent months.
You don’t have to look far on the Halo Infinite subreddit to find recent complaints from Xbox players who are having trouble competing with their PC counterparts.

Although crossplay can be disabled in Halo Infinite’s ranked modes when playing alone, with players having the option to limit matchmaking to controller or keyboard players only, crossplay cannot be disabled in the game’s main playlists.

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Halo Infinite’s Crossplay mode, which allows players to play against each other regardless of what console they’re playing on, was a pain to implement. Even without the cheats that some unscrupulous players may employ, a mouse’s pinpoint accuracy and motor control easily outperform a controller’s analog stick. It’s difficult to imagine PC gamers having anything other than an unfair advantage over their console-owning counterparts. halo infinite news

The most obvious, and possibly simple, solution, as many fans have pointed out, would be to allow players to opt-out of crossplay if they so desire. This will allow Xbox and PC friends to play together when it’s convenient for them, while other players can stay in their own lane. Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle matchmaking will get a hotfix soon. Additional anti-cheat updates are in the works, with the next major update set to release in mid-February. Although 343 Industries hasn’t responded directly to players’ concerns about crossplay, it has stated that it will continue to tweak and update Halo Infinite.


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