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Windows 11 gets a significant game boost, Thanks to a new Nvidia GPU driver.

In addition, DLSS is now available in over 100 games.

Nvidia has added support for Deathloop in Windows 11, as well as some other top games. Also noting that it has passed a milestone in terms of providing DLSS to over 100 titles.

Aside from the fantastic Deathloop, the new driver now supports a number of high-profile titles. Titles include Diablo II: Resurrect (coming out September 23), Alan Wake Remastered (October 5), and Far Cry 3 (October 13).

Hot Wheels Unleashed, Industria, New World, and World War Z: Aftermath are among the other games optimized for Windows 11 in the new driver.

According to Nvidia, DLSS benefits both Industria and Alan Wake Remastered, with doubling performance at 4K resolution. In fact, the company claims that any of its GeForce RTX graphics cards can achieve more than 60 frames per second at 4K with all graphics settings maxed out in Alan Wake Remastered.

Speaking of DLSS, Nvidia also revealed that it has added support for this frame rate boosting technology to further 28 games, bringing the total number of DLSS- enabled games to more than 100.
Another announcement was that Nvidia Reflex, as well as Splitgate, will be coming to Deathloop later this month. Nvidia Reflex support has also been added to four new gaming mice, including HyperX’s Pulsefire Haste Gaming Mouse, the Roccat Burst Core, the Roccat Kone Pro, and the Roccat Kone Pro Air.

Analysis: Unreal growth makes DLSS’s future look even brighter.

DLSS is now supported in 100+ supported titles being reached. Given how successful this frame rate boosting technology has been in the past few years.

What is the significance of the sudden change? According to Nvidia, the driving force behind this rapid acceleration for DLSS is the Unreal Engine 4 DLSS plugin. The new games that support the technology based on that engine.

This plugin makes it much faster (and easier) to add DLSS to any given game. So, with more indie game developers utilizing the plugin for their Unreal Engine 4 titles. That’s definitely good news on the DLSS front. That will continue adding support for Reflex doubles down on the goodness for the best possible play experience when it comes to shooters.



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