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WhatsApp Chat WordPress – Free Download


WhatsApp Chat because the WordPress plugin allows thou in conformity with integrating your WhatsApp journey immediately of the website. This is one on the excellent path according to join yet engage including your customer, thou may offer support directly as like properly namely construct trust and make bigger purchaser loyalty.

Feature list :

Fancy Product Designer has the following features:

  • Support Multiple Accounts
  • Easily Customizable
  • Support WPML
  • Shortcode Included
  • No Coding Required

And a lot more….


Not only on WordPress, but The communication industry has also been an essential requirement for all humanity. It is the reason why it should be given the fullest attention, whether on or off!

Imagine a whole day going by without you ever opening your mouth or talking What a shame, you think? The same concept is applicable to the Internet in general and WordPress specifically! Therefore, for people who spend the largest portion of their time using WordPress and other websites, it’s vital to have a plugin that provides continuous and seamless communication between them and their colleagues. This is the reason WordPress developers have been studying and testing to create the best chat plugins that are available for WordPress users.

What is an excellent chat software that is suitable for every WordPress user? If you want me to tell you my criteria are definitely more than just a beautiful design! For us WordPress users who must keep in touch with a variety of people all at once every single day, the perfect plugin must ease the stress! Additionally, it should be easy to use, feature-rich, and user-friendly – that’s an absolute requirement! The appearance is later on however, it’s definitely an advantage regardless.

With all the amazing features, WhatsApp Chat Plugin from Quadlayers also provides a variety of options to satisfy different needs. In case you’re in no need of many features and assistance from our team, or you’d like to test it before you purchase the paid versions, you could try the free, trial version at first.

If you’re the administrator of only one WordPress website, then $10 is the price you pay for all these amazing features. For Agency and Developer packages with multiple websites, the cost is slightly higher but is still a reasonable price.

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