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Tesla Cyberquad appears online, but it is not what you think it is

Clothing....the name that has been trademarked.

Tesla can be a mysterious company at times, but it doesn’t keep many secrets when it comes to products and product announcements. It’s more likely to see a far-future product than a downplayed one, which makes its recent patent application all the more intriguing.

Tesla has requested a trademark on the term “Cyberquad” in a recent filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), but not for the reasons you might think. To be clear, this was not a request for a vehicle or other mode of transportation. Instead, the document is concerned with Cyberquad clothing.

The Cyberquad made its first appearance alongside the Cybertruck at its debut event in late 2019. It was an exciting but ultimately unknown addition to Tesla’s growing catalog of potential future products, with matching lines, a super-future look, and absolutely no details.

It is “intended to cover the categories of clothing, namely t-shirts, shirts, jackets; hats; infant wear; footwear; pants,” according to Tesla’s application. So, while you might not be able to purchase and use an actual Cyberquad anytime soon, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to purchase something Cyberquad-related.

While this could be a promising development for Cyberquad fans, it’s worth noting that Tesla has only tested, shown, or mentioned the vehicle once or twice since its brief appearance almost two years ago. The quad we saw during the Cybertruck announcement was, in fact, a Yamaha ATV outfitted with an electric powertrain.

It should also be noted that Cibertruck has faced it many times, and users may see it for the first time in their ads by the end of 2022. However, for Tesla fans, especially those who want a serious off-road recreational vehicle, any progress towards making it a reality would be heartfelt.


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