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Switch servers will likely be overwhelmed during the Christmas season, Nintendo warns!!!


Nintendo is anticipating issues with servers over the weekend of Christmas, which may prevent users from making Nintendo Accounts and on their new Nintendo Switch consoles. Posted via Twitter “If you’re planning to play with this feature of the Nintendo Switch family for the first time, we suggest creating the account in advance,” Nintendo’s Japanese customer service account says.

This means that if you’ve purchased a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, or Nintendo Switch OLED to give as a gift to someone else, it’s a good idea to sign up for an account on the Nintendo Account before the big day arrives. It’s also worth carefully disassembling and then updating the firmware on your Nintendo Switch before wrapping it in a gift box and setting it on the table, so the recipient can start playing right away.

Certain bundles, such as the well-known Nintendo Switch Black Friday bundle which comes with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, include digital codes. Make sure that you redeem these otherwise you risk being not able to redeem them for a couple of days.

How do I create an online Nintendo Account online?

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The process of creating a Nintendo online is fairly simple. Go to the Nintendo Account website and click on the “Create a New Nintendo Account click. You’ll be asked to verify that the account owner is age 15 or less (a children’s account) or if they are aged 16 and over. Select the option you prefer and click “Proceed”.

If you are 16 or older and have a Nintendo account, you must provide an email address, nickname, date of birth, gender, region/country, and time zone. Then you must accept the terms of the Nintendo Account Agreement as well as your agreement to the privacy policies of Nintendo accounts. You can create a Nintendo Account faster if you use Facebook, Twitter, Google, or the Apple ID.
Nintendo accounts for children below the age of 15 are managed by a parent's or guardian's account. This means you can limit your child's purchases and receive alerts about his or her activities.
To create a child's account, sign up using the instructions below. 


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