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100/100 overall performance along with the WordPress site? YES! Swift Performance, a progressive WP overall performance plugin, helps you expand your performance scores, limit load period, and be brought a blazingly speedy WP website together with just not many clicks.

Improve Page Speed & SEO

Loading pace is truly important. With Swift Performance you may decrease loading then web page rendering time, or enhance performance rating with simply a few clicks!

Will that action along with my affair & plugins?

Yes, Swift Performance is well suited along with just issues yet plugins.

Why Swift Performance?

Because that comes along a guided setup wizard, such is effortless after use, such offers special solutions, therefore thou can effortlessly improve WordPress performance then find even 100/100 along with Gooogle Page Insights

Do I necessity some sordid cache and performance booster?

Because the Swift Performance gives a built-in solution, even is no want in conformity withstand old including another cache than performance aide plugins

Main features


Swift Performance does not just minify yet mix the CSS then javascript files, however, such perform originate vital CSS over the flea for thy pages.


Swift Performance furnishes wise caching, ye can cache AJAX requests then potent requests as well.


Swift Performance comes together with a built-in image optimizer. You can losslessly reduce the JPEG or PNG images, then enhance your site’s performance.


Presents CDN support. You execute specify a hostname such as wish keep back because set resources. You may also set three one-of-a-kind hosts because CSS, JS yet for media files.

Feature list :

Swift Performance has the following features:

  • Enable Compute API: Settings > General > Compute API
  • Enable Optimize Prebuild Only: Settings > Optimization > General > Optimize Prebuild Only
  • If you are not satisfied with Optimize Prebuild Only option, enable Optimize in background instead: Settings > Optimization > General > Optimize in Background.
  • Setting a low number of threads as maximum: Settings > Optimization > General > Maximum threads: set this to 2 or 1. 1 will make the pre-build a bit slow, so try 2 first.
  • Exclude third party CSS: Settings > Optimization > Styles> Exclude 3rd Party CSS.
  • Disable Generate Critical CSS as generating Critical CSS is the most CPU-intensive process: Settings > Optimization > Styles> Generate Critical CSS.
  • Exclude third party JS: Settings > Optimization > Scripts > Exclude 3rd Party Scripts.
  • Set Cache Expiry Mode to Action-based, if you are not using nonce or anything that can expire on frontend: Settings > Caching > General > Cache Expiry Mode: Action-based.
  • Enable Prebuild Cache Automatically: Settings > Caching > Warmup > Prebuild Cache Automatically.
  • Setup lower Limit prebuild speed (recommended to use on limited shared hosting): Settings > Caching > Warmup > Prebuild Speed: Moderate (or Slow).
  • Exclude post types that you wouldn’t like to cache. Autoconfig should find most and exclude them automatically but you can add them manually: Settings > Caching > Exceptions> Exclude Post Types.

and a lot more…


I am sure that this Swift Performance review would be giving you an idea about what you can expect from the Swift Performance plugin. We can assure you of the highest performance of Swift Performance because caching has become an integral part of the web. Therefore, if you want to maximize your website’s loading time efficiently and effectively use caching, you should choose to use Swift Performance. Additionally, it will give you the highest SEO ranking.


  •  CSS & JS combination
  •  Different optimization techniques
  •  A variety of features for caching
  •  A complete list of settings
  •  User-friendly


  •  Advanced features are available only on the Pro account
  •  There are some issues that need to be fixed following the installation of plugins.


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Swift Performance - Free Download

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