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WP All Import can be used for everything from migrating content from a legacy CMS to WordPress to building a store with an affiliate data feed to displaying live stock quotes or sports scores to building a real estate portal.

“It’s a wonderful plugin that does so much, so well that it’s hard to list all of the features. But I’ll tell you this, I was able to import the content of a pair of websites running the ModX CMS into a WordPress install in less than 30 minutes. No joke!”
Alex Vasquez – DigiSavvy Co-Founder & WordCamp Los Angeles Organizer

It has a four-step import process and an intuitive drag & drop interface that makes complicated import tasks simple and fast.

There are no special requirements that the elements in your file must be laid out in a certain way. WP All Import really can import any XML or CSV file.

Check out our documentation and video tutorials to make the most of WP All Import.

WP All Import integrates with our companion plugin, WP All Export. You can export posts, WooCommerce products, orders, users, or anything else with WP All Export. Then you can edit in Excel and re-import to the same site or migrate the data to another site with WP All Import.

Feature list :

Flatkit – Dashboard UI KIT has the following features:

  • Import data to Custom Fields – used by many themes, especially those using Custom Post Types.
  • Import images to the post media gallery
  • Cron Job/Recurring Imports – WP All Import pro can check periodically check a file for updates
  • Import files from a URL – Download and import files from external websites, even if they are password protected with HTTP authentication.
  • Execution of Custom PHP Functions on data, i.e. use something like [my_function({xpath/to/a/field[1]})] in your template, to pass the value of {xpath/to/a/field[1]} to my_function and display whatever it returns.
  • Guaranteed technical support via e-mail.

and a lot more…


For someone who has felt the pain that comes with manually importing media to WordPress and then manually importing it into WordPress, I can recognize the advantages of a plugin like this one. The process of getting it up and running is easy, with only a few adjustments required. There’s no programming to master and no complicated configurations to make prior to the process of importing your data.

Although I’ve not had to reach out to support, the information provided is of good quality and the directions are simple to follow for users with an average WordPress proficiency. Videos are especially useful, as they provide a comprehensive tutorial for various areas of functions within the plugin itself.

The cost is over the top for those who will use the plugin on a periodic on regular basis. If it’s one you’ll regularly use however there are a lot of savings that can be accessed by combining this as an add-on to the standard plugin.

Overall, I have found WP All Import to be a great overall plugin that does exactly what it claims it will. As a business that does just a handful of things as their main goal Soflyy has met that high goal using this tool.

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Soflyy WP All Import Pro Premium - Free Download

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