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Polylang for WooCommerce – Free Download


Polylang for WooCommerce combines the power of two popular WordPress plug-ins to create multilingual shops. Polylang is a popular, free multilingual content management plugin powering hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites. How does it work? It’s very easy – you write posts, pages and create categories as usual, and then you assign the language for each of them. It is directly integrated into the well-known WordPress interface. Performance and ease of use are the two priorities that guide our development. This plugin has proven to be powerful enough for sites having tens of thousands of posts. Polylang Pro offers premium support and additional features to enhance your multilingual content management. Polylang also has a simple solution to easily manage your WooCommerce shop in multiple languages.

This plugin should be used together with WooCommerce or Polylang. This plugin allows you to translate WooCommerce pages, simple, grouped, and variable products, categories tags, attributes, and the WooCommerce interface. Customers receive emails in their native language. A simple plugin that integrates WooCommerce with Polylang to add multiple languages to your WooCommerce based store.

WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Bookings are all available. There will be more in the future.

Feature list :

Polylang for WooCommerce has the following features:

  • Translate products, categories, tags, global attributes
  • Synchronize categories, tags, shipping classes, attributes, images, galleries, stocks across product translations
  • Duplicate a product and its translations in 1 click.
  • Send emails in customer’s language
  • Synchronization of the cart across domains
  • Translations can share the same slug in the URL
  • Translate slugs in URLs
  • Duplicate the content when creating a translation
  • Enable or disable languages
  • REST API Support
  • Additional integration with ACF Pro

and a lot more…


Polylang is used similarly to WPML functions in the same way. The WordPress multilingual plugin generates separate posts for each language and joins them. It allows you to translate tags such as media, posts menus, pages, categories, and widgets. Polylang offers a custom language switcher in the form of a widget. It allows for the URL design to be changed for each language through subdomains or domains for each language. Polylang can be used with all among the WordPress themes and supports RTL languages.

Polylang utilizes a similar method to work with themes and plugins in the same way as WPML does.


  • Also available for free.
  • Language switching is possible through menus or widgets.
  • Available in both professional and free versions.
  • Supports RTL and most WordPress themes.
  • Make sure you have a separate domain or subdomain for each supported language.


  • The features it has aren’t robust.
  • It is necessary to translate by hand.

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