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Over spying fears users are urged to “throw away” Chinese smartphones

Xiaomi refutes allegations of censorship

The Lithuanian government has asked residents to stop buying Chinese-made phones and to return any they do have. The National Cyber Security Centre of Lithuania’s Defence Ministry claims that the Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G is equipped with filtering capabilities. The system can detect and censor up to 449 terms from Xiaomi’s phone systems, including the browser. censorship

Smartphone sales Globally:

Officials stated that the feature was disabled for EU users, but could be remotely turned on if necessary. According to the report, the device in question was also sending encrypted data to a server in Singapore. censorship

Due to wider market recovery and Huawei’s difficulties, Xiaomi has become the second-largest smartphone maker in the world after Samsung. The allegations threaten to derail efforts to gain a larger share of the European market. “This is significant not only for Lithuania but for all countries that use Xiaomi equipment,” according to the report.

Xiaomi responds:

In a statement to TechRadar Pro, Xiaomi denied the allegations. According to a company spokesperson, “Xiaomi’s devices do not censor communications to or from its users.”

Xiaomi will not and has never restricted or blocked any smartphone user’s personal behaviours such as web browsing, calling, or using third party communication software. Xiaomi adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), of the European Union.

The centre also discovered an alleged flaw in Huawei’s P40 5G device that led users to malicious apps, but OnePlus’ 5G device was found to be problem-free. According to Huawei, it complied with all local laws and regulations, and cybersecurity was a top priority for the company.

This report was released amid diplomatic tensions between China and Lithuania. It comes after Taiwan announced that its diplomatic mission to the Baltic country would be called the “Taiwan Representative Office.” These missions are often called after Taipei because of China’s claim to the island.



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