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Nintendo confirms that a 4K Switch Pro is not in the works (for now)

Nor 'any new model' of Switch, for that matter

The announcement of the Nintendo Switch OLED dashed gamers’ hopes for a long-rumored ‘pro’ version of the popular console, but it didn’t stop the dreams and rumors from flowing.

According to Bloomberg, 11 different game studios had access to an official development kit with 4K support – one of the most popular rumored features for a Switch Pro – but Nintendo has once again shattered these expectations.


Nintendo Switch Pro rumors dispelled by Nintendo itself

Nintendo’s official Twitter account (Image credit: Nintendo) responded directly to the Bloomberg piece, stating that it wishes to “clarify that this allegation is not true” and that its claims of “supplying tools to push game development for Nintendo Switch with 4K support” are untrue.

Even more damning, in response to this tweet, Nintendo declared unequivocally that it has “no plans for any new model other than the Nintendo Switch – OLED Model, which will ship on October 8, 2021.”

Analysis: Switch pro quo

There’s a bit more to parse in the phrase “no plans for any other model” — if we take ‘no plans’ literally, it would indicate that the firm hasn’t even examined the potential of another Switch model other than its impending Switch OLED, which we find difficult to believe.

More than likely, ideas and viability assessments for other Switch console analogs have been developed, but we interpret the ‘no plans’ language to suggest that none of these concepts have made it into any concrete form, such as a development roadmap.

Looking at the second half of this statement, ‘any new model’ could be a subtle way of implying that another, the more powerful platform is on the road, but it might not be a Switch device — will we soon see Nintendo’s answer to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X?

The fourth, and perhaps most plausible, the possibility is that Nintendo is telling a white lie. What repercussions, if any, would the gaming behemoth face if it released another Switch system in a year after claiming that they weren’t working on one?

Furthermore, saying that there is no upcoming Switch lineup update just a week before the introduction of the new OLED model may possibly aid its sales, as prospective purchasers will be less likely to wait for the ‘next’ upgrade.

There’s also the issue of Bloomberg’s initial article — while its sources are anonymous, they claim to be from 11 separate organizations, so we find it difficult to accept that each employee is independently making the same bogus claim.

In any case, we’ll not sure to hear more explanations on this subject in the coming days, and we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.



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