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Niche – Admin Template Bootstrap 4 Dashboard



Niche Admin is a popular open-source WebApp template for admin dashboards and control panels. Niche Admin is a fully responsive HTML template that is based on the CSS framework Bootstrap 4. It uses all of the Bootstrap components within its design. It also changes the style of many popular plugins to provide a unison style that can be used to create a user-friendly interface in backend applications. Niche Admin is based on an open-ended design that lets it be easily modified and built on. This guide will walk you through the process of installing the template as well as exploring the different components included with the template.


Feature list :

Niche – Bootstrap 4 Dashboard and Admin Template has the following features:

  • Bootstrap
  • 4 Different Dashboards
  • 7 Different Demos
  • RTL Demo Version
  • Data Table Export to CSV, Excel, PDF, Copy, and Print
  • Summernote
  • Range Slider
  • Light/Dark Sidebar Themes
  • 480+ pages
  • 500+ Ui Components
  • RTL Support Lots of widgets
  • 3000+ Fonts Icons
  • Fully Responsive pages
  • Easy to customize
  • Many Charts Options
  • Multi-File upload
  • Lots of Table Examples
  • Validation Forms
  • Lots of ready to use plugins


When you’re planning a custom dashboard for your website or build professional controls panels to promote your products, Niche has the style and features worth looking into. The modular design lets users swiftly select and decides which elements they want to incorporate on their web pages. Because Flexbox is used across Niche and other applications, it’s simple to ensure that your user interface and the elements it contains are perfectly aligned and placed in the correct place.

The options for typography and settings are a notable characteristic of Niche that includes live previews of every font that can assist you in making the best selections for your design. There are numerous pre-designed elements that can be included in your templates, with multiple versions of each available. Buttons lines, simple line icons animation icons, tabs Ribbons, timeline widgets, and many more are ready to be added to your layouts. For those who require greater control of their design Niche CSS is the best choice. Codebase CSS framework has been created by using Saas.

Like you’d expect from one of the top bootstrap admin templates that are available currently, Niche is fully mobile responsive. Because of this, your pages will perform according to the intended layout regardless of the size of the screen or the device that they’re displayed on. Additionally, all images on the Niche demo are contained in the package and available to be used in your project.

Live Preview:

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