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New World is still bricking NVIDIA graphics cards, with no solution in sight

There is trouble brewing in the New World.

Amazon Games’ latest MMO New World is an extremely popular game waiting list that can go that can last as long as 469 hours. The game is still burning graphic cards from EVGA, and this time it’s only the RTX3090 cards.

According to numerous online reports in this game’s Subreddit, It appears that different GPU models are suffering similar issues. There are a few examples of this, including the RTX 3080, RTX 3080, RTX3060 Ti, and the RTX 3000 laptop GPU. Some AMD users have complained of crashes and overheating problems in the Sapphire 5700 models but there haven’t appeared to be any evidence of them breaking completely as their Nvidia counterparts do.

So far, Amazon Games New World has not responded to the issues. Initially, the company advised players to use an FPS limiter in the game’s menu to troubleshoot the initial problem. Now that the situation has worsened, Reddit users have advised players to use their own FPS limiter tools, such as the Rivatuner Statistics Server, which is included with MSI Afterburner.

This isn’t an isolated event. One user reported via Reddit that they had purchased a new PC that had a GPU of 3080TI however, would fail to launch the game for the second time. Some of the responses have also reported other performance issues, such as the MK18_Ocelot sharing the screen “I capped mine at 60FPS and was fine for about 3 hours until I went to bed. Woke up this morning, upped the cap to 90, and black screened within about 30 minutes.”

Currently, the only way to repair a GPU that has already failed is to contact the manufacturer and arrange for a replacement. We’ve reached out to Amazon and Nvidia for comment on this matter, and we’ll update this story as soon as we hear back.


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