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MainWP WooCommerce Shortcuts development adds a useful widget after you toddler websites individual dashboards offering quick hyperlinks according to the WooCommerce pages of your infant sites.

The extension adds a useful widget to your child site’s individual Dashboard, providing quick links to your child sites’ WooCommerce pages. When accessing the WooCommerce pages from your MainWP Dashboard using the widget, you won’t need to log in to your child’s site.

When gaining access to the WooCommerce pages from your MainWP Dashboard by the usage of the loss you won’t necessarily be in conformity with login into the infant site. The expansion desire carries you immediately in accordance with the page of no time.

Feature list :

It offers hyperlinks after according pages:


  • Reports
  • Orders
  • Coupons
  • Add-ons
  • Settings
  • System Status


  • Categories
  • Products
  • Tags
  • Add Product
  • Shipping Classes
  • Attributes

Quick Access after the WooCommerce Pages

Provided hyperlinks pleasure carry thou according to the right web page regarding your infant site barring regarding logging in. Just click such or begin managing your store.

Easy To Use

All concerning the tremendous purposes up to expectation appear along that development is intuitive or handy in conformity with use.

and a lot more…


I personally feel that MainWP WooCommerce is certainly improving. I’m saving money, I’m able to complete the tasks I need to accomplish, and still save lots of time in managing my clients’ websites. I don’t believe ManageWP is a bad service. It’s a fantastic one! It’s just not practical for me, especially when MainWP has the same features without a cost per month. Also, I’m a very control-oriented person and like the ability to know what’s happening underneath the under the hood.

MainWP WooCommerce website provides a useful analysis of their product with a variety of similar products, such as ManageWP, InfiniteWP, and iControl WP. While we can’t rely on them to provide an objective view but the comparisons do reveal some options that are more costly or not offered by the competitors of MainWP.

Overall, I believe that MainWP WooCommerce is a great choice for developers, designers as well as anyone who requires the maintenance of several WordPress websites. If you own your own website server but don’t wish to commit to monthly charges, however, you find InfiniteWP’s extensions to be expensive (like me) look into MainWP WooCommerce for a budget-friendly system that is feature-rich and is a breeze to use.

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MainWP WooCommerce Shortcuts - Free Download

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