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MainWP Clean and Lock Extension let you in conformity with lift undesirable sections out of your MainWP Dashboard site. Rule get entry in imitation of the wp-admin and even redirect non-wp-admin pages according to a distinct website online making your MainWP Dashboard surely invisible.

Feature list :

MainWP Clean and Lock has the following features:

  • Extension Description

The all-modern MainWP Clean and Lock Extension is a simple yet powerful Extension. So, let’s be in conformity with removing undesirable sections beyond your MainWP Dashboard site, power get entry to in accordance with your wp-admin. Even redirect non-wp-admin pages to a one-of-a-kind website construction your MainWP Dashboard definitely invisible.

  • Dashboard Clean Up

The MainWP Clean or Lock Extension will enable ye in accordance with quickly lift unwanted WordPress sections beyond your Dashboards admin area. With a fair dashboard backend, thou intention remain in a position to find matters easier quotation you treasured time.

  • Dashboard Lock Down

In this share, ye execute control whichever has to get entry to according to your MainWP dashboard. The expansion permits conformity with control get admission to in accordance with wp-admin pages. After your wp-login.php in conformity with specific IP addresses except having after manually redact you .htaccess file.

Additional IPs do be set up in conformity with access thy WordPress admin with the aid of including some IP address per row agreement thou access your dashboard out of multiple locations.

  • 301 Redirect

Make the dashboard front web page secret in conformity with everybody but you. Easily engage a redirect URL or whole hits of non-wp-admin pages will stand redirected in accordance with it working thy dashboard site truly invisible.

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This allExtensionboardean as well as The allExtensionboardean and Lock Extension is a straightforward but powerful Extension that lets you take out unnecessary sections of your MainWP Dashboard website. Additionally, it restricts access to WP-Admin. It also redirects non-wp admin pages to a different website rendering your Dashboard in the MainWP dashboard virtually inaccessible. You can change these settings without having to modify the .htaccess file by yourself. It’s done in this Extension!

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