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Build your Nuxt learning management system & single-page Vue.js application with confidence using Luma NuxtJS Learning Management System — making web development simple and powerful.

The Learning management system ( LMS) is a software program that manages documenting, monitoring, and reporting, and automation of the distribution of educational courses and training programs, also known as training and learning programs. The concept of the learning management system was born from the concept of e-Learning. While the first LMS first appeared in 1924, in the higher education industry The majority of LMSs today concentrate on the business market. Learning management systems comprise the majority of the market for learning systems.


Feature list :

Luma Nuxt – NuxtJS Vue Learning Management System has the following features:

  • Expertly coded Vue.js LMS
  • 48 Unique Education Pages
  • Stacked on Nuxt.js – The Vue.js Framework
  • Built with Bootstrap Vue v2.17
  • Styled with Bootstrap v4.5.2 CSS / Source SCSS
  • Mobile-first & Ultra Responsive
  • Single-page (SPA) & Server-Side Rendering (SSR)
  • Full Static site generation
  • Vue.js LMS User Interface with 100+ Components
  • RTL & SEO Optimized


Luma Nuxt Luma Nuxt NuxtJS Vue Education Management System Admin Template is a powerful and adaptable Admin Templates theme Forest theme that will aid you in making the most of Admin Templates to run your online store’s eCommerce. Its design is perfect for multi-purpose and Array stores. It’s designed and complete with all of the advanced features that are available in the most sought-after Admin Templates Template on Theme Forest.

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