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LearnDash LMS Restrict Content Pro Integration – Free Download



LearnDash Paid Memberships Pro integration enables you to connect your courses to memberships that you set up in Paid Memberships Pro.

Despite its name, the core version of Paid Memberships Pro is actually free (but there are over 60 add-ons if you upgrade to premium).

Paid Memberships Pro can also handle the e-commerce & checkout experience for you, allowing you to bundle multiple courses into a single membership, and automatically granting & removing a member’s access to a course based on their membership status.

LearnDash has some content protection built-in but Paid Memberships Pro will expand upon that and provide a lot more ways for you to manage memberships, subscriptions & more.

Feature list :

LearnDash LMS Restrict Content Pro Integration has the following features:

Associate membership levels to one or more courses
Create a membership level and map it to one, or multiple, LearnDash courses. When the membership level is purchased, the user is auto-enrolled into the associated courses.

Automatic removal upon membership cancellation
When a user cancels their membership then the integration will automatically unenroll them from their courses as well.

Create trial membership levels with various payment gateways
Offer a limited-time free trial to people to entice them to purchase full access to your courses. Sell your course using Stripe, PayPal, or even a shopping cart (such as WooCommerce).

and much more.


Focus Mode is a game-changer while the Course Builder helps course creators’ lives simple. LearnDash practically covers everything from creating your courses and creating profiles for users. It also offers tutorials, announcements, and news, and learns about tips and tricks such as the addition of a course affiliate program via LearnDash. If you’re experiencing problems using LearnDash it is possible to look through their vast knowledge database.

LearnDash is not an all-in-one service in terms of how you could require an online shopping cart as well as a membership plugin. Since the version was only recently released, there’s plenty to see regarding compatibility with other WordPress plugins such as pages builders and caching plug-ins. The good news is that it’s easy to integrate WooCommerce into your site.

LearnDash is an absolute game-changer in the field of learning via e-learning. It has set the bar high and I’m certain it will only improve upon it from now on. I’m looking forward to seeing future improvements and new features that will enhance the experience to the next level.

I would recommend LearnDash to anyone looking for the most simple method of creating an online course that is self-hosted without spending a fortune.

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LearnDash LMS Restrict Content Pro Integration - Free Download

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