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Leaked colors for the Samsung Galaxy S22 have piqued our interest


The Samsung S22 lineup won’t be available until January. We do know the possible colors that you might be able to purchase the phones in, but one color caught our eye.

GalaxyClub reports that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus and S22 Plus will come in white, black, and rose gold colors. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will be available in white, black, and dark red.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S21 range doesn’t have a green color, this site claims the rose-gold color is distinct from the Galaxy S21 pink. This could also be a new year’s feature (though the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus has a gold version which could be very similar).

At the same time, the white and dark red colors of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will be different from the colors provided by the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. According to GalaxyClub, deep red may be as dark as the green version of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, but that’s just an estimate. The site also contains some warnings that the situation may change, there may be other colors, and these tones may not be available in all regions. So, for the time being, we’d take everything with a grain of salt.

Opinion: Dark red is the way to go

While this leak may turn out to be false, we really hope that a dark red Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is released, as it would add a much-needed splash of color to the Ultra lineup. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is only available in very basic colors such as black, silver, titanium, navy, and brown, and as we’ve previously stated, premium phones, in general, are sold in very muted, arguably boring colors.

Dark red, by definition, would not be bright and flashy – it would be dark – but it would still be a more unusual and interesting option than buyers of the S21 Ultra have, and it is one that we are eager to see.


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