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Gravity Perks – Gravity Forms Populate Anything – Free Download



GF Populate Anything allows you to dynamically filter and populate field choices and values with posts, users, taxonomies, terms, Gravity Forms entries, and databases. Pretty much anything! Choices and values can be filtered based on the values entered/selected in other fields allowing you to fetch and populate fresh, dynamic data as the user interacts with the form.

GF Populate Anything also provides support for Live Merge Tags which allow you to display dynamic, filterable data in your field labels, descriptions, and content.

Feature list :

Gravity Perks – Gravity Forms Populate Anything – Free Download has the following features:

  • Dynamically Populate Field Choices
    Populate any choice-based field (e.g. Drop Down, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes) with dynamic, filterable data.
  • Dynamically Populate Field Values
    Automatically populate field values with dynamic, filterable data.
  • Dynamic Filtering by User-specified Input
    Filter and populate fresh, dynamic data based on values/selections made in other fields.
  • Chain Selects, Radio Buttons & More!
    Chain the available field choices based on selections in other fields.
  • Live Merge Tags
    Add auto-updating merge tags anywhere inside your form (e.g. labels, descriptions, choices, values, HTML content).
  • Specialized, Built-in Data Sources
    Populate Posts, Users, Taxonomies, Terms, and Gravity Forms entries with specialized options for each. For everything else, populate directly from the WordPress database.
  • Flexible Choice and Input Templates
    Complete control over the populated value and label for choices and inputs.
  • Results Preview
    See the exact data that will be populated based on your filters right in the field settings.

And a lot more…



Gravity Forms is among the most flexible WordPress plugins available currently. It makes forms and can do much more. It is possible to insert Gravity Forms with shortcodes manually by pressing the “Add the Form” button which appears on the toolbar when you are using the Classic Editor or Gutenberg block.

The default install of the plugin includes an impressive amount of options. This is sufficient for WordPress users, however, the add-ons available add more features.

The ability to allow users of the site to set up their own account, and adding the capability of accepting online payment, and creating PDF files, and conducting surveys are just a few of the options add-ons provide.

Here are the benefits and drawbacks to making use of Gravity Perks


  • A collection of 32 add-ons to Gravity Forms that provide a variety of options.
  • You can only install features you plan to use, which means you won’t have to fret about speed issues on your site because of bloated code from features you don’t have or don’t need.
  • All perks can be managed all from one location.
  • The 30-day money-back assurance.
  • Gravity Perks is seamlessly integrated Gravity Forms’ existing interfaces.
  • Comprehensive documentation for each perk.
  • The latest perks are added regularly.
  • Very easy to utilize.


  • Each perk is an individual plugin, therefore if you say, for instance, you install them all there will be 32 new plugins on your WordPress dashboard, along with the primary Gravity Perks plugin.
  • No version for free.
  • The cost of $249 to gain access to three benefits is not affordable for all pockets.


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