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Gravity Forms WordPress – Free Download



Gravity Forms WordPress posts to a custom post type and/or custom taxonomies.


This plugin is an add-on for Gravity Forms and if you’re looking for the largest collection of Gravity Forms plugins, check out Gravity Perks.

Gravity Forms allows you to create posts from a form submission using special Post Fields. By default, the submitted form will be created as a standard WordPress post. This plugin allows you to change the post type of the generated post. No code required! This plugin also provides the ability to assign the generated post to a custom taxonomy.


When populating a Drop Down field with a post type, you may wish to set the selected post as the parent post for the generated post.

  1. Add A Drop Down field to your form.
  2. Click on the field to open the field settings. Then click on the “Advanced” tab.
  3. Check the “Populate with Post Type” checkbox.
  4. Select the desired post type from the drop-down that appears. Be sure to select the same post type for which the post is being generated.

Note: If the user inputs existing term names, the generated post will be assigned these terms. If the user inputs term names that do not exist, these terms will be added to the selected taxonomy and the generated post will also be assigned these terms.

Feature list :

Gravity Forms WordPress has the following features:

  • Map posts to a custom post type
  • Custom taxonomy (via Drop Down, Multi-select, Radio Button, or Checkbox field)
  • Map posts to multiple taxonomies
  • Visual hierarchy support for hierarchical taxonomies (Drop Down field only)
  • Populate a Drop Down with posts
  • Assign parent post for the generated post (Drop Down field only)
  • Single-Line Text field support for taxonomies (enter as a comma-delimited list: term a term b, term c)
  • Enhanced UI support for Single Line Text fields (see screenshots)

and much more.


Gravity Forms is a renowned premium WordPress extension tool and plugin which allows you to create and publish content to the WordPress website. It is easy to include contact forms, questionnaires, and assessments on your website using this tool.

It is famous for its functions such as conditional code that shows or hides some questions based on the answers to previous questions, as well as sorting, that sends the form submissions to email addresses specified in the submission’s content.

Gravity Forms is in use for more than a decade and has earned its place as a trusted name for the WordPress form plugins field. We’ll discuss how to configure Gravity Forms for your website and get the most out of the features in this post.

It’s a truly amazing and user-friendly type of plugin that has distinct features from a typical communication plugin.

It is without a doubt that Gravity Forms has proven to be an extremely versatile add-on that lets users build forms and the types of forms that can be created are limitless. Gravity Forms is extremely easy to use, and as well it is loaded with numerous add-ons that can enhance the capabilities of Gravity Forms.

Gravity Forms is a fantastic plugin. It is able to make forms without limitations. You control the options and settings of the form. If you’d like to have additional features beyond what they provide then you can purchase them using other products and services. In this case, it’s easy to make use of Gravity Forms. Different types of forms can be easily created and modify thanks to Gravity Forms’ drag-and-drop builder tools. However, there is also settings available that permit you to alter how your form operates and what it can do.

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Gravity Forms WordPress - Free Download

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