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FS Poster – WordPress auto poster & scheduler – Free Download



FS Poster capability is conformity with post the posts/pages/products to 9 social networks at the same time:

  1. Facebook ( accounts, non-public pages, preferred pages, agencies )
  2. Twitter ( accounts)
  3. Instagram ( accounts)
  4. Google+ ( debts , communities )
  5. Linkedin ( accounts, companies )
  6. Pinterest ( accounts)
  7. Reddit ( debts )
  8. Tumblr ( bills )
  9. com ( accounts, pages, groups, events )

FS Poster All features

  • Publish WordPress posts, pages, media.
  • 8 associative networks integrated.
  • Configure unbounded accounts, communities over each Social Media.
  • Full rule over every accounts then community.
  • WooCommerce integrated. Publish WooCommerce products.
  • Insights
  • Schedule posts
  • Pause / Play schedules
  • See complete logs, posts touching schedules
  • Full logs
  • Track hyperlink visits
  • Fully personalize publish messages
  • Unique URL
  • URL shortener supported (bitly, TinyURL)
  • You execute makes use of post tags, classes namely a hashtag within publications
  • Custom post sorts supported
  • Fully translatable
  • Use your personal applications because of including social accounts
  • Autoload Facebook Groups / My Pages / Liked Pages beyond Facebook Account
  • Autoload LinkedIn Companies beyond LinkedIn Account
  • Auto-load VK Pages / Groups / Events out of Facebook Account
  • Post Instagram tales (post hyperlink intention consist of robotically now your calculation is a business tale yet have 10k+ followers )
  • Supports Emoji
  • Documentation
  • Video tutorial

and a lot more…


Blogs are a fantastic way to show your expertise and increase the reputation of your brand and your business. However, if you wish to make your blog successful, you should publish your blog’s posts through social media. This is why we’ve created the following FS Poster review – to aid you!

If you’re like a lot of business owners and bloggers who write, you may be planning and writing your blog posts ahead of time. With a hectic schedule, it’s easy to not promote your most recent blog post on Facebook or Twitter account.

There’s a more efficient solution with the help of the FS Poster plugin. In this article, we’ll go over what it does and go over its main capabilities, and discuss the reasons to consider making use of it.

Sharing blog posts on social media is essential if you wish to bring visitors to your site. But, it’s not enough to just share them once. It is necessary to share posts many times if would like them to be successful. A tool like FS Poster saves you time by automatically publishing your latest posts and allowing users to share them again at the set time.

FS Poster is a good plugin that will keep you active on your social media presence. It will also let you use more of your time to interact with your fans and industry experts.

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FS Poster – WordPress auto poster & scheduler - Free Download

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