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Flatkit CMS – Business Website Template


While there are many multipurpose cms template available, very few have strong design emphasis. Flatkit includes a variety of professionally designed page layouts and purpose-built content blocks that can be combined to create professional layouts. There are many options.

Feature list:

Flatkit CMS – Business Website Template has the following features:

  • The layout of Homepages – Flatkit includes 6 homepages and 6 hero sections.
  • 30+ Components – Flatkit includes 30+ components to make any design stand out. You can also use tabs, buttons, accordions, and many other components.
  • Ultimate Startup Pack – Flatkit is a great place to start for startups looking for a simple and quick solution to building a website. You can save both time and money.
  • Beautiful Typography – Complementary font pairs that complement a variety of design styles. This allows you to change the appearance to fit your needs.
  • There are endless possibilities – Flatkit offers a wide range of pre-designed content blocks, components, and plugins that will allow you to create endless possibilities.
  • Support from a Dedicated Team – Our dedicated support system will assist you promptly and effectively.
  • Fixed/Static Navigation – You have the choice of two types of headers.
  • Fully responsive – DentalCMS is fully responsive and works on all screens and devices.
  • Contact Form for Working – The contact form elements are beautifully designed and easy to customize.
  • Clean CodeThe code has been written with the best resources and all files are commented to simplify your work.
  • Browser compatibility – This template is compatible with all major browsers, including IE9+ and Chrome.
  • Detailed Documentation – How to use the template’s features and how to use it. If you have any questions, you can always reach us.

And many more


For anyone who is keen on starting their own blog or website, Flatkit CMS can do the job. You can, however, be completely different using the tool and utilize Flatkit CMS to create every blog you can think of. There is no need to adhere to the default settings when you can make quick changes and tweak the website design according to your preferences.

With the Flatkit CMS kit, you’ll get the option of going with a light and dark appearance, and various creative and innovative demonstrations. There are plenty of choices to create an online blog that fits your personal style perfectly. For more precise information there are six different options to use to your advantage.

Download the demo that has piqued your interest with just one click. Then, you can start building your own amazing blog right away. Flatkit CMS supports five formats for posting as well as all the popular plugins, regular widgets and, of course, mobile devices.

Flatkit CMS modular design lets users swiftly pick and choose what elements they’ll want to add to their web pages. Because Flexbox is utilized throughout Codebase It’s easy to ensure that your user interface and the elements it contains are aligned perfectly and in the right spot. When you’re planning an individual dashboard for your website or build professional Control panels, Codebase has the style and features worth a look at.


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Business Website Template

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