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Fancy Product Designer 4.5 – Free Download


The Fancy Product Designer will enable you and your customers to design and customize any kind of product. Limited only by your imagination it gives you absolute freedom in deciding which products and which parts of the product can be customized. The functions, features, and user interface of the plugin is developed to unite everything you could need, to design any type of product, in one single plugin.

Feature list :

Fancy Product Designer has the following features:

  • No limits
  • Helpful Layer System
  • Individual Product Views & Upload Zones
  • Many Media Sources
  • Advanced Colour System
  • Individual Product Views & Upload Zones
  • Many Media Sources
  • Advanced Colour System
  • Text Transformations
  • Transformations
  • Various UI Layouts
  • Modular Structures
  • Intelligent Price Adjustments
  • Advanced Idea Editor
  • Easy in accordance with translate

And a lot more..


The demand for online stores increasing rapidly with the introduction of customized tools has improved the experience and added a new dimension to the products you can purchase (or offer for sale). If you own retail stores or other types of stores custom designs and prints are a great way to give that unique look to the merchandise that your customers are searching for.

These personal touches not only create a more personalized product for the buyer they also enhance the value of the product making it more expensive and thus your profits. One of WordPress’s most popular plugins for eCommerce is WooCommerce. It is in this article I’ll show you another plugin that will include this feature on the WooCommerce products.

At first, it can seem difficult, particularly in case you’re a novice to WooCommerce However, with the support and documentation available, you’ll be back well on your way within a matter of minutes. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be able to design amazing, customizable products that otherwise would only be sold through an online store.

If you’re looking to include additional features to your online website, or your products have to be customizable Then Fancy Product Designer is the right tool for you.


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