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Customer Relationship Management Business Dashboard Application – FlatDash



FlatDash Business Customer Relationship Management Dashboard Application is a business-style flat dashboard template developed using the latest Bootstrap 4 framework. This flat CRM theme features a unique dashboard design, with pages that include hundreds of UI components, including forms, tables, charts, and models.

FlatDash is the best choice for your next Admin Dashboard. It has a modular design and uses the most recent front-end technologies.

The layout is mobile-friendly and responsive, meaning that everyone visiting your site will be able to enjoy it no matter what device they are using. If cleanliness and ease of use are the qualities you prefer your blog to exhibit abandon everything and start to Miniblog. Miniblog is the ideal method to achieve a result that promises a bright future.

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Feature list :

FlatDash – Business Customer Relationship Management Dashboard Application has the following features:

  • Included all Bootstrap 4.1 components
  • Customized line, bar, area, and donut charts
  • Tickets, Trello (drag & drop), Chat, Calendar & more
  • Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left
  • Formulas
  • Validation
  • Search for
  • Group
  • Rounded
  • Flush
  • Toggle
  • Date pickers
  • Input masking
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Drag and Drop File Uploads
  • Select2 Plugin
  • You can find out more about it!
  • Navbar with buttons and menus, forms, avatars, etc.
  • Sidebar styles: Light/Dark
  • Material and Font Awesome Icons
  • Calendar UI with drag and drop events
  • List.js – Functional listing search
  • Extended/Customized Vector maps

and many more…



For anyone who is keen on starting their own blog or website, FlatDash can do the job. You can, however, be completely different using the tool and utilize FlatDash to create every blog you can think of. There is no need to adhere to the default settings when you can make quick changes and tweak the website design according to your preferences.

With the FlatDash kit, you’ll get the option of going with a light and dark appearance, and various creative and innovative demonstrations. There are plenty of choices to create an online blog that fits your personal style perfectly. For more precise information there are six different options to use to your advantage.

Download the demo that has piqued your interest with just one click. Then, you can start building your own amazing blog right away. FlatDash supports five formats for posting as well as all the popular plugins, regular widgets and, of course, mobile devices.

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