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Browser wars: Google Chrome update sets a new standard for the rest to follow

It’ll be easier than ever to locate your files in Google Chrome

Google is releasing a new feature for its Chrome web browser that will allow users to easily access important files stored in cloud storage. According to a new blog post, the Chrome new tab page will soon include a Google Drive integration that will help surface “high priority files” to reduce search time. Despite the lack of specifics, the post implies that the feature will make intelligent suggestions based on contextual factors rather than simply surfacing each user’s most-used files.

The new Chrome feature is currently being rolled out in stages, but it should be available to all users within the next few weeks.

Google Chrome update

With the rise of remote working, cloud storage has become an essential part of almost every web user’s life. This also means that the number of files stored in the cloud has increased dramatically. To alleviate any associated file management issues, Google is working to make it as simple as possible to locate and dive into specific files without having to navigate traditional file trees. The most recent Chrome update expands on an earlier upgrade that allowed users to search for Google Drive files using the URL bar. Previously, users had to go to the dedicated Google Drive page and search from there.

Users can also perform more granular searches by using commands like “type:” and “owner:” to narrow down the results. The addition of a Google Drive integration for the new tab page provides users with yet another convenient way to access their most important files.

Furthermore, new synergies between Chrome (the world’s most popular web browser) and Google Drive are likely to aid in fending off competition from rival browsers (such as Microsoft Edge) and rival cloud storage services (such as OneDrive), as Google seeks to strengthen its positions in both markets.


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