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Be cautious: that Android security update could contain malware

A malware warning is tricking users into installing malware on their own devices.

FluBot’s developers have launched a new campaign in which they use bogus Android security update warnings to trick potential victims into installing the malware on their devices. be cautious

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The page also instructs users to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources on their devices. So, cyber security updates can be installed on their devices, and even though the user is confident that FluBot has taken precautions, they have installed the malware themselves.

Changing tactics

FluBot primarily sends messages to Android phones using spam messages using stolen data from malware. These messages would instruct potential victims to install apps in the form of APKs delivered by attacker-controlled servers on their devices.

Once installed on a user’s device, FluBot frequently attempts to trick victims into granting it additional permissions as well as access to the Android Accessibility service, which allows it to run in the background and perform other malicious tasks.

FluBot is capable of stealing a user’s payment and banking information through overlay attacks, which involve placing an overlay on top of legitimate banking, payment, and cryptocurrency apps.
As previously stated, the malware will also steal a user’s contacts in order to send phishing messages to them in order to help spread FluBot even further.

Spanish mobile phone operator FluBot has expanded its FluBot advertising campaign to include users in countries across Europe, including Germany, Poland, Hungary and the U.K., as well as Australia and Japan.


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