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Apple claims that ‘jelly scrolling’ on the iPad Mini is normal behavior

There appears to be no hardware or software flaws to be addressed.

Except for one vexing issue, Apple’s new iPad mini with a larger display is a welcome update. But there’s some bad news for anyone hoping for a quick fix. The sixth-generation iPad mini now features a fantastic 8.3-cm search experience that updates each part of the screen sequentially rather than refreshing the entire screen at once. This is especially true for information on paper or paper, as well as suspicions of faults or errors in the software that must be remedied.


Apple has now responded to Ars Technica’s report with bad news: it isn’t a mistake or a mistake, but rather “normal behavior.” According to Apple, this is due to the fact that LCD screens update line by line, so lines at the top and bottom of the screen may update late.

While this is a surprising response, it is also difficult to believe because it does not occur on other devices with similar displays running at 60Hz. For example, the iPad Air and iPad do not have the same jelly scrolling issue. This response also fails to explain why there is a dividing line running down the center of the screen.

I doubt this will be the last time we hear about jelly scrolling. Anyone who has just paid $499 or more for a new iPad mini will be dissatisfied with a display that does not scroll smoothly and has a line down the middle. This will either turn out to be a genuine flaw or something that Apple will quietly patch with an update.


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