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Anomymous is back with another massive Epic data dump

The latest leak allegedly contains private documents from the Republican Party of Texas.

The hacktivist group Anonymous returns with another leak of data dump from Web hosting company Epik. Operation Epik Fail contains even more information obtained from the controversial internet host. Anonymous began to target Epik just a few days in the aftermath of it was announced that Texas Heartbeat Act, which limits when women can perform an abortion passed into law.

Epik Fail Operation

Anonymous then followed up on September 30 with “The /b/ Sides” which contained more than 300GB of data dump. While these leaks have certainly hurt Epik’s reputation further, many of its customers have also faced repercussions. In The Daily Dot, a real estate agent from Florida lost her job following registration of a variety of anti-Semitic websites. Another man who ran websites associated with Proud Boys of Canada. His employer looked into Proud Boys of Canada. Other Epik customers have seen their web-based activities revealed.
We’ll have to wait while journalists and researchers verify the data from Anonymous’ latest data dump but if this leak is anything like the ones that came before it, the Republican Party of Texas could end up being in even more hot water over its controversial anti-abortion bill.


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