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Admin Menu Editor Pro Clean Up the WordPress Admin Panel or Make Sure Your Clients Don’t Break Things by Accident

Hide menus beyond roles or users

Change menu permissions along with just a couple of clicks. Click a role, uncheck the bill items that you necessity to hide, then check the ones to that amount you necessary in imitation of the show. You may also trade permissions because of unaccompanied users. For example, you should conceal a bill out of absolutely everyone barring yourself, and hand over a user access after a particular admin web page without altering their role.

Organize the menu along withdraw and drop

Make WordPress simpler according to usage through moving fast aged bill objects according to the top. You be able additionally to move menu objects out of certain submenu to another, then in imitation of the foremost menu. Want a top-level link in accordance with “Add New Post” then in imitation of a particular plugin? You may operate that. Got a peaceless plugin as puts its admin web page in the wrong place? Move such after “Settings” instead.

Choose beside over 600 bill icons

Admin Menu Editor Pro comes including a massive series of icons beside the Dashicons or FontAwesome war fonts. You do add thy very own PNG then GIF icons through the Media Library, yet add the battle URL manually. You do additionally add icons to submenu items.

Change bill colours

Edit the background, text, icon, and spotlight colours. You may request your modifications according to the entire admin menu, yet customise the colourations over single items.

Create current menu items

You are able to Gather your very own links in imitation of the admin menu. You are able also to redact a customized bill that embeds the thing over a publish and web page into the WordPress admin. Finally, it’s viable in accordance with creating non-clickable items, which perform stay beneficial because of things like portion headers within complex admin menus.

Make menus open between a latter tab yet an iframe

Let’s address you’re building a web page for a non-technical customer yet you want in conformity with edit a tutorial page and an external service seem to be as it’s a piece on WordPress. The “Open in Frame” alternative be able to help together with that. It’s choice display the linked web page without a boundaries frame. For completeness, a “new window” option (i.e. target=”_blank”) is additionally included.

Import and export menu settings

Export admin menu aspect in accordance with a file, after importing that of another site.

Hide plugins

Hide odd entries of the “Plugins” page. As with menu items, ye do cover them from everyone, or solely beyond specific roles yet users.

Apply your branding

Use the Branding add-on to change the penurity WordPress branding with thy own. You perform to exchange the WordPress logo, personalize the login page, alternate the admin colour scheme, cover the WordPress version and bottom replace notifications, or and on.

Edit the Admin Bar

The optional Toolbar Editor add-on lets thou personalize the Admin Bar, which is additionally regarded as like the WordPress Toolbar. You do conceal toolbar items, change their discipline including drag & drop, rename items, assemble recent links, then more.

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Admin Menu Editor Pro 2.13 - Free Download

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