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A year after it was discontinued, Oculus Go gets a power boost.

The Oculus Go is still alive and well! 

An unlocked version that runs the Oculus Go OS will be made available in the near future. It will provide users with full root access once they have installed it on the device. This will allow users to get the most out of the hardware through overclocking and underclocking, Carmack says. It will also allow for “randomly discovered shrink wrapped headset 20 years from now to update to the final software version”.

However, if you don’t already have an Oculus Go and you are not a Go owner, you might not be able to get one since the device was shut down in the mid-year of 2020 to be replaced by an Oculus Quest 2. While Go headsets do occasionally show up on auction sites We believe that they will be more expensive as news circulates about the new unlockable version.

However, there is now hope that something similar will be available for devices such as the Oculus Quest 2. In response to a question, Carmack stated that, while this policy is currently unique to Go, he hopes it will set a precedent for other models.

If similar support does come to the Quest 2, we expect it to arrive after the current-gen hardware has been replaced in a few years.

Analysis: Oculus Go’s last hurrah

The Oculus Go was the almost-VR headset. When it was first released, we praised its good standalone performance, which came at a much lower price than previous models. It was, however, discontinued not long before the Oculus Quest 2 hit the market, and for good reason: what the Quest 2 can do blows the Go out of the water. Yes, the Quest 2 was roughly twice as expensive as the Go, but it had significantly better specs and premium features such as hand tracking. Can you believe it came with a second controller?

The final release of the Oculus Go will offer the long-time users a chance to squeeze more power from the headset. We weren’t the only ones who adored the Oculus Quest 2, which managed to outsell all other Oculus headsets combined within six months of its release.


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